The FCC is Cracking Down on Hotels’ Wi-Fi Blocking

HILTON0815Hilton has become the latest hotel chain to face government fines for allegedly blocking their guests’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots. It joins a growing list of hotel and convention centers that have been accused of falling afoul of federal law, which forbids such activity.

There’s big money at stake. A facility can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling wireless access, and for some hoteliers, income from Wi-Fi subscriptions can mean the difference between profit and loss.

In recent months, though, the FCC has cracked down on hotels and convention centers. Among the fines:

  • In October 2014, Marriott agreed to pay $600,000 to resolve an FCC investigation.
  • In August, trade show and convention telecom services provider Smart City Holdings LLC was fined $750,000 for Wi-Fi blocking at several sites.
  • The FCC also is proposing a $718,000 fine against systems integration firm M.C. Dean Inc. for alleged Wi-Fi blocking at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The Hilton case began a year ago, when the Federal Communication Commissions (FCC) Enforcement Bureau received a complaint that the Hilton Anaheim in Anaheim, Calif., a convention hotel a mile away from Disneyland, was blocking visitors’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots unless they

Taiwan’s Largest International Airport is Getting a Redesign

Taiwan International Airport

Taiwan’s largest international airport is getting an architectural redesign, courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

The British architects have beaten off other prestigious practices – including Foster + Partners and UN Studio – to design the new Terminal 3 building of Taiwan’s Yaoyuan International Airport, formerly known Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, with a proposal that is ‘inherently simple in its concept.’

Imagery courtesy of Rogers Stirk Habour + Partners

Ivan Harbour, partner at Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners explains: ‘We have created a rationally planned and easy to use airport that will be characterised by a flowing sequence of beautifully lit, acoustically comfortable and well-proportioned spaces. It will be an airport where the drama of the spatial experience is shared by all, at all times.’

Working with Taiwan engineering firm CECI and combining their learnings from Heathrow Terminal 5 and Barajas Terminal 4, RSHP’s latest project will be compromised of a new terminal building, boarding gates, concourses and a multi-function building with an impressive transport infrastructure. The dynamic, fluid structure will allow for easy adaptations and future transformations without compromising on passenger experience or architectural integrity.

Inspired and shaped by Taiwan’s landscapes, seas and its natural

Best Hotels in Shimla

himalayan-vacationsShimla is the most popular holiday destination of India. It is a very beautiful hill station and it is one of the best tourist spot in the country.

Shimla is the most popular holiday destination of India. It is a very beautiful hill station and it is one of the best tourist spot in the country. Many travelers from India and around world would love to visit Shimla during the season of summer, to get a relief from the heat while the winter is crowded with tourist from all around the world. Shimla is famous for neo-gothic architecture, Shimla is place which is filled with lots of picnic spots and markets that make it an ideal tourist destination. When you are planning to travel to Shimla, the first foremost thing to consider is to book Hotels in Shimla. Since, there are many good hotels in Shimla, tourist can select hotels as per their budget and requirements.

Luxury Hotels
If you are person who would love to stay in a luxurious hotels, there are many hotels line Hotel Combermere, Hotel Woodville Palace, Shilon Resorts, Willow Banks, Radisson Shimla, Hotel Wildflower Hall and The Oberoi Cecil/ Oberoi Amarvilas. If you are interested to plush vacations and if the budget is not an issue for you, you can book your hotel room in five star or four star hotel of your choice.


Deluxe Hotels

If your a person who would love to spend less on your stay and have a comfortable stay while spending less, you can select a hotel with semi luxurious features while saving some to your pockets. If you are looking for semi luxurious hotels in Shimla , East Bourne, Hotel Leela Regency, Oakwood Hamlet, Ashiana Regency and Toshali Royal View Resort are some of the suitable options for you.

Heritage Hotels

Heritage hotels in Shimla are the best choice you are a person who would love to enjoy the royal ambience with modern comforts. Chapslee Palace, Hotel Springfields, Clarke’s Hotel, Woodville Resorts and Hotel Oberoi Shimla are some of the best available options of the heritage hotels in the town. As most of the hotels are the royal castles and British summer homes which are converted.

  • Budget Hotels

If you are person who would love to spend quality time in Shimla, but you are limited by budget? Then it is not a problem, Shimla, the city of hills has many hotels which are budget hotels. Here is the list of the hotels in Shimla for budget hotels like Camp Potters Hill, Brightland Hotel, Gulmarg Hotel, Hotel De Park and Hotel Himland East among others.  All the budget hotels in Shimla provide you a comfortable and convenient stay without charging too much from you.Shimla, the capital city of Himachal Pradesh is surrounded with many resorts which offer safe, cozy and comfortabel stay. If you are planning a holiday trip in the arms of naturePsychology Articles, you can quickly select an appropriate hotel for yourself and your companion at Hotels in Shimla are most comfortable and best for your stay which are waiting and willing to serve you with their best services.

London South Catteries – A Better Home Away From Home For Cats

Catteries are the commercial house of cats. They are generally of two types; boarding catteries and breeding catteries. When a cat is unable to stay at it’s owner’s house, they are temporarily shifted to boarding catteries. These are used by owners who are away from their houses say on a holiday, or are planning to move their house in the coming times. These boarding catteries are also used during some building work or when the owner feels like incapacitated.

United Kingdom has the highest number of boarding as well as breeding catteries in the world. These are necessarily licensed by the UK government and work on the welfare principle of cat where these animals must be adequately looked after; otherwise the owner of the cattery may face legal action by the law.

Then a breeding cattery is the one where cats are bred say as a hobby or on a commercial basis. Breeding catteries sell cats for profit.

London South catteries are a genuinely self-governing resources for cat owners. London catteries are a gift to all cat lovers and cat owners. These catteries are a nursing area for cats and deal with all sorts of problems and issues related to the welfare of

Things to Do and See in Johannesburg

I have been traveling all my life! I know that I have gone beyond my mid 40s but I still have not lost my determination and stamina to scale great heights if need be. All those destinations that I had covered in my past life were simply beyond compare, but Johannesburg’s one such destination that would keep coming back to me like a dazzling wave to the shoreline. Even though I had discovered this South African city a couple of times, I always felt which I still do that something’s went missing from my sight that seemed out of the ordinary. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get enough of the city whether I was doing my first or fourth time. It always pulled me towards its magnetism but I somehow backed off to which I realised that I wasn’t letting go in my last tour I took months ago.

If you compare South Africa with a book, then Johannesburg comes across as its most extraordinary and exciting chapter you would never want to get over with. Many travelers have been trying hard to book discounted Johannesburg flights from London, but the charisma of one of the

Preparatory Works Before to Paint

Professionals painters do not just apply one or two coats of finishes on the walls and ceilings.

They work well in advance, to protect the possessions of their client, but also to correct or repair the surfaces which they are responsible. This is the summary of various stages of construction.

Skip the layers of paint does not fall under the most difficult task for the professional painter. According to an adage which runs in the trade, the construction site of a painter is 90% preparation and 10% work.

Site preparation is not limited however to deposit tarpaulins and newsprint to the four corners of a room and the furniture. It concerns primarily to the area that will accommodate several products before receiving the paint. Depending on the materials used during construction or its use over time, a wall, a ceiling, a door or even structures must receive a prior treatment.

Many preparations. If you want to do it properly. Patience is required if you just built, you must wait at least six months before painting the walls. This is obviously not the case for the so-called dry building systems such as wood frame, where the different elements are assembled in the workshop.


Consider the material

Find the Best Enjoyment for Your Holiday

What do you like to do when you are in your free or your leisure time? Well, I believe that everyone has their own things that they like to do when they are in their leisure time. We like to do it since this is such a fun thing to do and we enjoy it so much. There are many kinds of activities that we can do when we are in our leisure time. One of the common things that we like to do is by doing our own hobby. What is your favorite hobby? Everyone has their own hobby and we need to do and practice our own hobby if we want to have the pleasure from the actions that we can do for our free time.

One of the examples of the actions that we can do in our leisure time is by doing our sport hobby. There are many kinds of sports that we can do when we have our leisure time and we need to be happy if we can practice it in our daily life. If you like to play badminton, you can practice it with your friends and your beloved family.

US Virgin Island Vacations Packages To Give You A Great Trip

Getting one of the Virgin Islands vacation packages is a great way for people to be able to visit this special destination. By planning ahead, they will be able to see and do as much as possible when they are visiting the Virgin Islands. The vacation packages can include rooms, flights and rental cars, depending on the package that the traveler chooses.

There are many different US Virgin Islands vacations packages available so travelers can save money while they are vacationing. The packages offer a variety of savings for vacationers so they should look around to find the best one possible for them. Here are some ideas for finding the right vacation packages.

What Are The Vacation Packages For The Virgin Islands?

The US Virgin Islands vacations packages are varied. They are a way for people to save money when they are on their trip. Some packages include a variety of savings so that a traveler can enjoy more when they are visiting the area.

Searching On The Internet In Order To Find Vacation Packages To The Virgin Islands

One of the easiest ways for people to find great vacation packages to the Virgin Islands is by doing a simple search online. This will pull